Patient Demographic Entry

The AccQdata Medical Billing team thoroughly verifies all patient insurance and demographic details before updating their entry in the software. Our team will also test the suitability of the case when the patient returns for additional service. We also provide examples of demographic entry information like age, gender, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, and development.

Our purpose is to allow patient identification because of our statistical analysis data and patient demographic information, which is the foundation of health claims. AccQdata also provides the EHR (electronic health record) system, which also has our side of data management, especially with staff from patient demographic entry workers. Reasons for this data may include demographics, patient billing, insurance information, etc. So, we are working on this part very carefully.

We Offer Patient Demographic Entry Services

The expert team of AccQdata ensures that all required details are entered in the highest quality accuracy and the correct format. We ensure that information is entered accurately without any errors. In which we have also followed the demographic entry by some steps. Private check / EOB / scan credit card statements can be used to access essential details like patient name, control number, bill amount, service date, procedure code, adjusted amount, payment amount, rejection details, account number, approval amount, deduction, refund.

The patient demographic data we validate and enter include

Use Medical Billing software

Our professionals can work on different types of medical billing software or with any other tool in which the client is satisfied. At AccQdata, we strongly focus on providing highly efficient and cost-effective services to all our customers, which can be achieved by leveraging the latest medical billing software.