CPT & ICD – 9/10 Coding

ICD means the international classification of diseases and CPT means Current Procedural Terminology. CPT code is a process of auditory brain-stem response or reflex testing. Our AccQdata team reviews all claims before submission to verify that ICD-10 and HCPCS codes are valid. In which we introduce you to the current procedure definition – (CPT) and this code is maintained by the American Medical Association – (AMA) This code is used to describe the tests, surgeries, evaluations and any other medical procedures performed by the healthcare provider on the patient.

CPT Medical Billing Code is copy-written by AMA. This 5-digit code described by a physician or healthcare provider is associated with the CPT medical billing code ICD – 9. it is submitted on the insurance claim to show that the procedure has a medical requirement. We determine the coding of medical billing and these codes are also required for medical billing and insurance companies.

We also divided the CPT code into six sections:

CPT Code is used to administer such claims for administrative management and to develop guidelines for medical care reviews. The ICD-10 codes are used in the claims process, from health insurance to disease seekers and integrating claims. It is also useful in worldwide mortality statistics.