Charge Entry

Charge entry is very essential in medical billing. It includes many steps from the patient inquiry to referring client specifics. AccQdata billing resource team is having substantial experience and understanding of the healthcare industry. AccQdata’s staff is having excellent skill-sets in handling charge entry for different medical billing specifications. We are working on the charge entry process step by step, such as receipt of files to client feedback.

We provide charge entry as a part of the medical billing revenue cycle management or as an independent service. Charge entry impacts heavily on the revenue cycle. Assigning medical codes is an integral part. It increases the chances of making a critical mistake that can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Steps of charge entry in medical billing

During the coding phase of medical billing charge entry, identify the mistakes. Use this data to create a best practice document for your medical coding team. This ensures that a common mistake is addressed and corrected before being sent out. It decreases the chances of claims denial.

Some important tips of charge entry: